Charles Badland


Charles Badland     


A California transplant, Charles received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University in 1986. After graduation he remained in Florida working as the staff photographer and graphic artist for the FSU Program in Neuroscience. He also teaches digital art and photography classes for the FSU Department of Art and LeMoyne Art Education. He maintains a digital art studio in his Tallahassee home shared with his spouse and one child.

About his work:

The images I create are mostly made without a camera. I scan various objects (leaves, flowers, old drawings, old photos, rocks, bugs, vintage stoneware, etc) and digitally combine these separate elements in Photoshop. The results are composited images, which imply some story or narrative. I’m not quite sure what stories are…kind of like some element of a dream where it make perfect sense when dreamt, but awakened you’re left with an isolated image from some complex drama… but can’t remember really what is was all about.

Spoken Forgotten

In my latest work I scan cardboard figurine images from a 1947 psychological assessment test. The Make A Picture Story (MAPS) tests were designed to assist a practitioner in arriving at psychological diagnoses of a patient. The subject would take the small cut-outs of people and arrange them to “tell a story”. I take these evocative images and combine them with other subject matter to create my own personal picture stories.