Marguerite Foxon

Marguerite Foxon

Marguerite Foxon, Photographer
PO Box 38521
Tallahassee, FL  32315-8521

Galleries and agent representation
Kaleidoscope Framing,  Midway, FL  (select Artists Gallery, Search for Foxon)                          The Frame Shop,  Apalachicola, FL

Artist statement
Most of my work is in the macro abstract genre. I enter a mesmerizing world that no one can see without a macro lens … the mysterious shades and textures of rust, the fascinating colors and designs of mold in a cracked window, the rich images buried in bark, the minute hairs on emerging spring growth …. Intriguing shapes and patterns, colors and textures, designs and images are all revealed. It gives me great pleasure to find such beauty and inspiration in the discards of our society – a derelict car, an abandoned warehouse, a rusted can, a dying tree. These overlooked items take on new life and inspire me to look for beauty where it is least expected.


Marguerite hails from “Downunder”, growing up in New Zealand and moving to Australia as a young adult, living there for over 20 years.  She came to Tallahassee in 1991 to study for her PhD, then worked in the area of performance improvement in the corporate world for many years, before establishing her own consulting company in 2006. Although always interested in photography (she still has a black and white print that placed in a competition when she was 11 years old), Marguerite became serious about it after buying her first digital camera in 2006. In 2008 she discovered macro photography by accident rather than design, and since then has developed her own signature style of macro abstract photography, particularly based on shots of dumpsters.

Exhibit History

Nov ‘08:  Jefferson Gallery, Monticello – two person show (32 photos)
Feb ’09:  Sally Rude Gallery, Tallahassee – solo exhibition (13 photos)
Sept ’09 – Sept ‘10:  Southern Scenes Gallery, Tallahassee (9 photos)
Nov ’09 – Feb ‘10:  Simply Artistic Gallery, Tallahassee – Exhibit of Street Art and Abstracts (10 photos)
Nov – Dec ’09:  Gadsden Arts Center – 21st Annual Art Show (Juried – 1 photo)
Nov 09 – Jan ’10:  Photofest 2009 Annual Exhibition, Tallahassee Airport Gallery (Juried – 1 photo)
Jan – March ’10:  Gadsden Arts Center – Artists Guild Show (2 photos)
March – May ’10:  Creative Tallahassee 2010 Annual Exhibition (Juried – 1 photo)
June – Aug ’10:  Gadsden Arts Center – Artists Guild Show (2 photos)
July – Sept ’10:  Tallahassee Senior Artist Showcase – photos in Brogan Museum, Le Moyne Art Gallery, and Senior Center (3 photos)
Sept – Nov ’10:  ‘Imaginarium of Images’, City Hall Art Gallery, Tallahassee – two person show (Juried – 35 photos)
Nov – Dec ’10:  Gadsden Arts Center – 22nd Annual Art Show (Juried – 1 photo)
Nov ’10 – Jan ’11:  Photofest 2010 Annual Exhibition, Tallahassee Airport Gallery (Juried – 2 photos)
Jan – April ’11:  Gadsden Arts Center – Artists Guild Show (2 photos)
Feb ’11:  McDougal Brokaw – one of two women artists for Women’s History Month (8 photos)
Mar – May ’11:  Creative Tallahassee 2011 Annual Exhibition (Juried – 2 photos).  Awarded second prize
May ’11:  Gadsden County Commission – exhibit of photograph of Gadsden (6 photos)
June ’11:  Jefferson Gallery, Monticello.  Members Exhibit. (1 photo)


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