Sara Chang

Sara Chang

Sara Chang, Digital Artist
Voice:  850.504.1367
 Artist Statement/Bio 

What do I do?

I create photographic montages with Photoshop. I use my own SLR or point & shoot camera to photograph a variety of subject matter but mostly I am interested in nature. Back at my computer, I combine these different images until I have achieved a balanced composition. I liken this process to playing with paper dolls or jigsaw puzzle pieces.


Heavenly Music

Why do I do this?

All living creatures on this planet Earth have a desire to create—whether it is producing off springs, growing a vegetable garden or making art. Working in this medium helps satisfy my urge to create. Also, creation is an antidote to destruction. If we train our mind more on the creative process, then we can counteract our destructive acts—violence, wars, environmental degradation. So when people ask, “What is the purpose of making art?” The answer is simple—it proactively creates peace and harmony in our lives.


Since 1998, Sara has been teaching English Language Learners atPineviewElementary SchoolinTallahassee,Florida. Before that, from 1993—1996, she taught English as a Foreign Language to high school students in KyotoPrefecture, Japan.

Since childhood, Sara has always made art and even took AP art courses in high school. FromFloridaStateUniversity, she received her BFA in Studio Art in 1988 and her MS in Multilingual/Multicultural Education in 2000.

 Today, Sara continues to pursue her own interests in art. She also sees art as a universal visual language that benefits her students’ learning process and strongly advocates integrating art into the school curriculum. Currently, she and her husband, Mark Fletcher, operate Turtle Hill Clay Studio and she serves as the Publicity Chairperson for the Artists’ League of FSU Museum of Fine Arts. Since 2005, she has also served on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of theBig Bend.


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