Stewart Nelson

Stewart Nelson

Stewart Nelson, Digital Artist
(850) 567-5138
On-line at:
Gallery RepresentationSignature Art Gallery
2782 Capital Circle NE, Tallahassee, FL 32308, (850) 297-2422
I’ve explored my vision of photography since 1979. From early darkroom techniques to the ongoing digital era of fine art, the manipulation of color, texture and light continues to move my photographs beyond realism, creating an altered reality more evocative of dreams or fading memories. These distinct changes gain importance through this visual exploration to create the final image, an image far removed from the original moment of capture.

The images I’ve created over the years were photographed with the following cameras, in no particular order: a Pentax Auto 110 camera; a $3.95 plastic 110 camera; the Holga (a plastic 120 film camera); the Diana (a plastic 120 film camera with a pinhole lens option); Canon 10D, Canon 30D and Canon 5D Mark II digital cameras; Canon AE-1, Canon A-1, Canon F-1 and Yashica Rangefinder 35mm film cameras, Apple iPhone 3G and an Apple iPhone 4. Adobe Photoshop from version 3.5 to CS5.5 along with Camera Raw were used to manipulate the images on various Apple computers.


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